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Sommige sê ons is lief vir beginners, ander skree ons as webontwikkelaars, min prys ons as 'n digitale agentskap, terwyl sommige tegnologie-grieke voorstel.

Die Snapdeal-logo en die betekenis daarvan


Logo-ontwerp verwys na die werk om 'n logo te skep, terwyl die term logo gebruik word om te verwys na enige simbool wat geskep is vir die doel van identifikasie. Om die betekenis agter 'n logo en sy ontwerp te verstaan, kom die sielkunde van logo-ontwerp ter sprake. Die term logo is afgelei van die Griekse woord Logos wat “woord” beteken. So wanneer 'n logo ontwerp word, word ideaal gesproke 'n visuele woord geskep.

A logo may be small, but its subsequent effect on the business can be significant. A logo gives the first impression of a company and is a factor in the customer’s willingness to purchase products or services. A logo identifies the business in its simplest form with the help of an icon. For example, we like to call people by their names rather than by descriptions like “that man with the bald head”. Similarly, a logo does not literally describe what the business does but identifies the company so that it stays in the memory of people.

Colour plays an important role in the interpretation of a logo. The colour red is associated with love, passion, romance and energy. Snapdeal just introduced their new logo in red, with the tagline “one million boxes delivered, one more unboxed today”. This clearly signifies that the logo is intended to look like a box and it does too, with a lid that is waiting to close on another deal. It’s a great way to show the “snap” in Snapdeal.  Snapdeal deals with a lot of products so it had to incorporate that in the design. They succeeded in it by filling the insides of the red boundaries with trending items. Those items which sell more are given more image space and attention is also given to the fact that trending products find their way on the logo.

A logo has to go by the five logo branding principles of simplicity, memorability, timelessness, versatility and appropriateness. All these qualities have been maintained while designing the logo. The logo is in red, signalling attraction. It can also be interpreted as a mouth opened wide, waiting for the next mouthful, a powerful message that is also subconscious in nature. The white channel through the logo indicates a clear, line of communication between buyers and Snapdeal. White also signifies transparency in the deal being conducted. If one notices carefully, then it can be observed that the products on the logo are targeted towards the age range of 20-45, the period when the spending power of consumers is favourably inclined.

iBrandox is 'n web en logo ontwerp maatskappy and it has interpreted the various significances of the Snapdeal logo. The Snapdeal logo is of a standard size, yet it manages to maintain the clarity of the included images. Snapdeal gives a lot of importance to branding as well, including relevant elements that make it stand out in the crowd of websites selling merchandise online to customers. The in-depth analysis of the Snapdeal logo by iBrandox suggests that it is very well thought out with a forward-thinking momentum that will ensure Snapdeal’s place at the top of the ladder for quite some time to come.


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